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10 Tips To Get Your Wardrobe Winter Ready

There are just moments left for our Summer sandals and open toe shoes to make their final appearances. Time has come ladies for us to focus our attention on woollies, scarves, boots and the dreaded tights!

#1 Time for some ME time

Book yourself at least 3 hours of 'me' time to create a fashion sanctuary. Remove all remnants of Summer and gather together on your bed, all of your Winter offerings

#2 Recycle, repair or rework

Get sorting those items that need to move on, those in need of some TLC (dry cleaning or alterations) and those you can re work by wearing again but in a different way.

#3 Hang as much as you can

Use clever clothes hangers and increase the capacity of your wardrobe by at least a third by investing in these slim, velour beauties. Use your wardrobe as opposed to drawers wherever possible.

hanging storage solutions

#4 Invest in storage

I store all of my holiday wear, (basically anything I wouldn't wear to the supermarket!) in a large plastic bag which shrinks once vacuumed. This frees up space and makes it easy to find and pack for the next holiday.

#5 Access All Areas

Use all available storage space, don't forget under your bed. These large storage boxes are perfect for housing flips flops and beach bags etc. This leaves your wardrobe a haven for Winter only gems

hanging storage solutions

#6 Have your accessories to hand

All too often I see scarves and jewellery in particular, stowed away never to see the light of day! Have these items to hand to ensure you use them and create more interesting, personalised looks.

#7 Make time for make up

Did you know women who wear make up are more likely to be promoted than those who don't?

make up for compliments

Make up is especially important to finish your look, even if you don't "do" make up. Try some blusher and lippy and prepare for the compliments.

#8 Create outfits

Kim Miller Fashion Stylist HertfordshireThe tricky bit... Try on different combinations, starting with your favourite pieces. Don't forget footwear and coats. Use one piece in a few different ways if you can.

#9 Make a list

Think about what you need to complete stunning outfits. Which pieces will give your wardrobe more flexibility? Buy less and wear more. Only buy something if you can't wait to get home and put it on!

#10 Make every day your best outfit day!

Remember don't save things for best. Best rarely comes and when it does trends are likely to have changed.

Start wearing your best right now and just wait for the compliments and the confidence boost and who knows where that will take you?

If you could use some help getting your wardrobe Winter ready why not call me for a chat now?
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