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Confidence is the new sexy

Haven't got it? Need more of it? Read on to find out why a woman confident in her own skin is so appealing, yet so difficult to achieve.

womens stylist delivering confidence across hertfordshire

Have you ever noticed women, when out shopping and thought I would love to be as stylish as her? It's often hard to put your finger on what it is in particular that gives them that 'something' that sets them apart from the crowd.

Is it the well cut blazer, the dress that makes you do a double take, the jewellery that just 'works'? In reality it may be all those things, but something a lot more. They are confident with their style. It exudes from their pores. It says ' I've got this' It gives them presence, turns heads and opens doors for them.

The great news is, this confidence isn't something you are born with, you can learn to be confident in your own stylish skin and who knows where this confidence can take you?

As a Personal Stylist from St Albans, I am here to remind you, first and foremost you need to work with what you've got right here, right now. No waiting until you drop a dress size, get that promotion or win the lottery! Learn to love what you have, Love your curves and imperfections. Work with your budget. Take baby steps, make small changes but start your makeover today. I guarantee action, no matter how small, will kick start the styling ball rolling and the compliments flowing. You are worthy of this confidence today, don't wait a moment longer

Don't save your clothes for best. Start wearing your favourite clothes today. Don't hold on for that wedding (0h which by the way, you probably can't wear that outfit again as the same people will be attending who saw you in it last time!). Don't save the outfit for that interview, wear it now and start getting more responsibility at work as your clearly shows you can handle it. Don't save your best clothes for those fun nights out, wear them now and inject some happiness into your 9-5.

"I wear this when I am having a bad day". Why on earth anyone would want to create an off day for themselves?! The way you look has a direct effect on the way you feel and in turn effects the success of your day. Be aware of the power your image has.

Here are some tips to make your confidence soar.....

• Don't be afraid to experiment with colour, inject new life into your look.
• Swap flats for heels, heels add both femininity and height which helps to give your style the edge.
• Every outfit needs a 'wow' piece, this could be a statement piece of jewellery or a leather jacket. Try some of the fabulous boutiques in St. Albans for something a little bit different.
• Get measured for a new bra and treat yourself to new matching lingerie.
• Try a new lipstick colour, experiment using inexpensive brands such as MUA or Revolution available from Superdrug.

Make every day your best outfit day and start to notice positive changes to your life!