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Shop Like A Pro

For some, shopping is a hit and miss affair, more often than not resulting in feelings of frustration and despair. See my top tips for transforming your shopping experiences.

Shop like a fashion pro

Get focused.

Firstly work out what it is you need. Go through your clothes and make as many outfits as you can from top to toe and don't forget shoes and bags.

Find the missing pieces and write a shopping list.

If you were entertaining friends you would plan the menu and draw up a list of ingredients, shop, making substitutions where necessary. Building a winning wardrobe needs a similar approach. Home in on exactly what you need. You may not purchase everything immediately, but it will give you a focus for future shopping trips, and soon your wardrobe will start to take shape.

Stick to the list.

Be honest, you probably don't need another pair of black trousers! By keeping your focus on exactly what you need, you will introduce variety and choice to your wardrobe. Some of the items may not immediately grab you, such as a navy vest top for example. However, this little number alone could pave the way for 3 or 4 more outfits!

Do your homework.

shop like a proUse shopping platforms such as and to search for particular pieces. These will direct you to high street stores where you can order an compare on line, or better still collect in store and try before you buy. A little online research will take a lot of the leg work out of shopping.

Target independents.

Pick up something a little different to the high street offerings. Get savvy with brands and discover which particular ones are your friends and which suit your shape and style. They may cost a little more but if they make you feel amazing and you wear them a lot it will be money well spent. I am huge fan of local independent shops. Two of my favourites are: The Dressing Room and Earleys, both in St Albans.

Credit where it's due.

Give potential outfits a fighting chance. Do your hair and make-up, wear the right underwear and take heals. It's hard to make any item shine in a pair of trainers and ankle socks!! Be prepared to make alterations. It can be hard to get the perfect fit straight off the peg. Consider altering the sleeves and trousers, especially if everything if else is perfect.

colour confidenceJazz it up.

Breathe life into your wardrobe with new accessories. This is an affordable way to give your outfit an individual look, and make you stand out from the crowd. Check out Topshop and Zara for affordable costume jewellery. For a more considered purchase visit

If wearing a belt is new to you, experiment with different textures and widths from Primark. Prices start at £2!

What's your signature style?

Take a close look at your wardrobe. What items really work for you and make you feel amazing? What do you get complimented on? Understand why. Is it the cut, colour, texture or fabric? Replicate this winning formula. Study magazines and online sites such as Pinterest and start to develop a look book of the styles that excite you.

Only buy pieces that you can't wait to wear!

If you don't get this feeling, then don't make the purchase... unless it's the navy vest top of course!
Love to know your thoughts.